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Full Version: Idler Tensioner Pulley Bolt on AC Compressor Mount
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Hey my dudes,

Hoping someone could point me in the right direction. Apologies if I'm in the wrong section. smile.gif

My A/C Compressor is been blowin' out my 10amp fuses as soon as I hit the A/C Button. I already tested to make sure the short was coming from my compressor by unplugging the ac compressor plug, putting in a new 10amp fuse, hitting the ac button (fuse doesn't blow). It's only when I plug in the cabling from the compressor that the fuse blows. I've already tested the relay as well to make sure it's good with a multi-meter as well as checked for clicking with alligator clips. Anyways, Im trying to get to the coil by taking off the belt so I can take off the clutch-->pulley-->coil, but it would appear I've stripped the **** out of the tensioner bolt head. I've been at it for about 2 days now trying to cold chisel a grove into the bolt head and hit it counter clockwise to loosen it. I've hit it with penetrating fluid as well several times as well. Then is just occurred to me, is this guy reverse threaded? I would start knocking it back, but I'm hesitant to do deform the bolt head anymore. Any help is appreciated.

1994 Toyota Celica St 7-afe engine

199,738 Miles.
I went ahead and replaced the clutch coil, pulley bearing and clutch plate. The fuse no longer blows, but the clutch still is not engaging. I thought maybe I needed to burnish it so I proceeded to cycle it 20 times (5 seconds on/off). The clutch didnt engage the entire time. When I finished there was a little wisp of smoke coming out of the clutch plate and pulley area. Any ideas?
Connect a test light and see if it's lighting the test light, wisp of smoke doesn't sound very good.
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