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Full Version: Need help with bad engine performance
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I was wondering if you could help me out guys. I got the car to idle properly, but it still is dumping gas in the car. Would you guys suggest bad fuel injectors, or would it maybe be a fuel pressure regulator? I can't get the a code reader to work either, is this OB1 or OB2. Thank you for the help
Without knowing anything about the car we can't give you any help.
I think it was a '98-99 GT yes? In either case it'll be OBD-II. Dumping fuel can be leaking injectors and/or too high pressure due to faulty regulator, it can also be a faulty coolant temperature sensor for the ECU or an O2 sensor making the car run rich. The injectors or FPR wouldn't throw a code(could get a cylinder misfire code though technically), and the ECT or O2 can malfunction and not throw a code if they're still in spec even though what's being sent is wrong.
So it idles good, it just doesn't feel like it has any power, and if I give it more than a quarter throttle it feels like it loses power. I also can't get the OB2 port to read codes, but I may have a blown fuse for that. Thank you for your help.
I think it may be the Catalytic converter. A lot of the symptoms are applicable. Especially the engine performance and running rich.
What do you guys think?
So, I was wondering. I still can't get the OB2 port to work on the car.... I replaced the fuse what else can I try?
Why don't you remove the cat? That would be an easy way to test if it's turkey the cat
It could be your scanner, I've seen where certain scanners and cars don't get along even though they're both technically OBD-II there are different types of protocol. As to the other there's many reasons increasing throttle could bog it besides the catalytic converters, but it's usually easy enough to drop one and inspect it as well as seeing how the engine runs without it.
So these are the two things im thinking about doing for the car.
I am thinking about taking off the cat, and if that doesn't work then I think the engine is low on compression, and I am going to replace the head.
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