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Full Version: New Oil Pump???
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Hey everyone, I was just wondering peoples thoughts on whether or not i should put it a new oil pump, when mine is working fine. I am building a show car, putting many new parts on car, and I currently habe the motor out, which would make it easier to do now.....
There is currently nothing wrong with the oil pump, but I was thinking it may be better to just put a new one in while the motor is out. But I have never had oil pump issues with any car before. Wondering if I should just put one in, or if I'm wasting money?

Also, the car will be turbocharged as well, and motor has 125k on it

I would keep the oil pump and just replace the seals inside of it. Why chance getting a bad one when you have one that works fine.
The oil pump itself will go for pretty much forever, the seals however will not. You'll need the perimeter seal and the shaft seal, both go bad with age and leak. Sometimes the shaft gets scored if it's high miles or has been run in a dusty environment. Toyota does sell the shaft but it alone costs as much as an aftermarket pump, it's a pretty simple part so a quality aftermarket part is probably just fine.
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