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Full Version: Oil pan gasket
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As the title suggests, I'm wondering what would be a better option for my 95 vert, with turbo. A regular cork/rubber gasket, or the permatex......or a combo of both???
I think OE is Toyota silicone, just use Permatex gray like it came from the factory. If you insist on using an actual gasket then avoid the cork, they don't last very long compared to what came on the car.
00295-00103 "Seal Packing" is what they call the OG black stuff. Its a little pricey, but it worked really freakin well last time I did an oil pan. Its some sort of black silicone, and I liked it (but I'm maybe a bit too biased towards OE stuff. smile.gif )

However, Permatex gray stuff like Bitter mentioned is probably just fine. I don't think I'd do a actual gasket. 3sgte, 5sfe, 7afe, and 4age all used the black goo when they we made, and work just fine.
FIPG is what Toyota calls it and it does come in a few colors, gray is the more common one I see on oil sealing applications, it's nearly identical to permatex gray.
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