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Full Version: ST RH Drive Axle 'Damper?'
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1994 Celica ST 1.8L AT200 with manual transmission:

I think I have heard it called a 'damper', that round rubbery 'hockey puck' looking thing on my passenger side drive axle. While my car is in parts, I am cleaning and fixing everything, including the drive axles. The RH Drive Axle 'damper' (if that is the correct term) is clearly broken.

Can anyone tell me the correct name of, and function of, this part of the axle? Also, when I looked up replacement axles on Rock Auto, none of the RH axles had that part attached, so I am wondering if I need to find an exact replacement.

OR. . . is there any way to replace just that part?

BTW: I DID search, as best I could, for information already posted, but called a halt to my searching after expending several hours reading. I also looked through my Haynes and BGB resources without luck, although there are times I fail to find something that I later on, do find in those books. I apologize in advance if I should have been able to find this information.

That has broken free on a couple of my axles. I just ripped it off and kept driving, never had any unwanted vibration.
Thanks, Richee3, If I whack it off and keep using that axle when I put it all back together and the car drives ok, then it is good advice cause it saves me $.

But do you know what it was designed to do for the axle, or car, and what it's correct name is? You used the term 'vibration', and I had previously introduced the term 'damper', but I want to pin this down precisely so I feel confident about what I think I know. I am learning much from tearing my engine down; my curiosity seems endless, as does this job that others claim to do in a day or so.
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