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Full Version: Radio from 03-04 tundra
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Anyone have a clue if an oem head unit (double din) out of a tundra will fit in our cars, part number 86120-0C080
Pretty sure any standard double din head unit should fit. Why do you want that headunit in particular?
QUOTE (1994Celica @ Jun 15, 2017 - 10:13 PM) *
Pretty sure any standard double din head unit should fit. Why do you want that headunit in particular?

Sorry worded my post incorrectly, I know it will physically fit. Trying to see if it will actually wire up proper. I was asking about that unit in particular because I got one for free and the single DIN aftermarket head unit currently in there is junk and I want to go back to oem Toyota look. I know the easiest route would be getting an oem celica unit but since this one just fell into my lap I figured it might be with a shot. My knowledge when it comes to radios and wiring is pretty much zero
if the unit does not require an amp, it should be plug and play.
So I finally had some time and went to try and put in this radio, connector style is different, so short answer nope it doesn't work. Also found out who whoever wired in the aftermarket single din radio knows even less about electrical wiring than I do. It is absolutely ridiculous in there, wires all over the place, looks like there is even regular residential/housing wire spliced in in spots.

Thanks for the responses, back to keeping my eye out for a factory 6gc radio...
Why not just get the pinout for the Celica's radio plug and matching the wires with the pinout for your tundra radio?

Get a plug from a Tundra harness and wire it into the OEM Celica harness. You'll need both wiring pin-outs, but it shouldn't be that hard. It's only a dozen or so wires.
They do make backward wire kits to wire other vehicle radios into cars they didn't come in, look up reverse radio wiring harness for the Tundra then get a radio wiring harness for the celica, the wires will all be labeled and probably color coded the same, easy as heck.
Thanks for responses, I'll look into those, like I said radios are not my thing
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