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Full Version: Oil Cooler Lines??
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so im having a dilemma. Im looking for the part number for this hose! it feeds into cylinder head....

Im going off these diagrams and can't find it!!

your a genius
its prob 500 bucks from toyota, get some hose good for oil, not coolant, and cut to fit. might cost 5 bucks
Hydraulic hose and some Oetiker clamps, better than OE.
no, no, no, bonzai likes oem, how dare you guys suggest that!
ya when i saw the part number i saw it part of oil system. haha no im not the OEM guy thats Rusty....

Ive tried orielly clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder with mediocre results. i'll get a price from abdul soon. since tcbperformance hasn't responded bak to me :-(.

then i'll see what aftermarket stuff i can get.....
bonzai is certified toyota master now, he can get toyota parts for cost
Which cost? There's 3 costs.
List, cost, and retail. I can get stuff at cost too with the shop account as long as I pay and pick up myself at time of purchase. If we put a dealer part on your car at the shop you pay retail. If you walk off the street to the dealer parts counter you pay list, sometimes we only charge list if it's a very inexpensive or very expensive item or if we like you.
cost +10%
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