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Full Version: Hard Start when Cold
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Replaced plugs, wires, cap, rotor. Fresh oil change, shift solenoids (all 3). P0500 code comes on every once in a while...

When I try to start the car after it sits overnight, or for a few days... The car will start, then the rpms will drop down and it will stall---- OR---- The rpms will drop, and it will hover around 300-400 until I give it gas

Once I give it some gas when I start it, the car runs fine, drives around fine, will restart fine... I don't get it!

Timing belt is old, done at 67k miles and it has 139k on it now. Maybe its out of time or getting week I don't know....
7A-FE right? Mine did the same thing when it was cooler outside, suspected a bad engine coolant temp sensor but never confirmed.
Have you ever cleaned the IACV? Another thing is you could have injectors leaking down and opening up the throttle lets in more air to burn off the excess fuel.
Nah it's the 5sfe. I haven't cleaned the iacv. I'll try that next.
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