Hey there 6GC, I've been lurking around here since I got my beautiful Celica; she's a bit rough around the edges and I'm doing all the work on her myself to make her nice and schmick.

While working on various problems I've managed to find a lot of answers on the forums but finally I have a question to ask, myself, as I can't find a solution online.

So the previous owner of the car, for some reason, had cut the wires going to the intake air temp. sensor and I had no idea until I recently replaced the pod filter with a new one, this should (hopefully) explain some of the drive quirks it has. The electrical tape looks like it's been there a while so I gather it happened quite a long time ago.

Now, presumably without the information coming from the sensor the computer would just use a default fallback fuel-air mix, is this correct? Or, how does the computer decide without this info?
From what I understand, without the computer knowing approximately how much air is entering the manifold, the acceleration and general ride would be much less smooth.

I'll be grabbing a multimeter tomorrow before work in order to test the sensor itself, as it is an expensive part and for all I know it's still good (however unlikely), but the big problem I have right now is that the actual connector harness has been severed from the wiring and looks a little melted around the part where the wires would enter. I've tried tracing the cut wires back down but it's quite a mess of tape and shrouds and I don't want to go tearing it all out without having an idea of what I should be looking at.

So tl;dr: does anyone happen to know the part number for this particular IAT wire, and where it should go?

I appreciate any advice,

Many thanks.