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Full Version: First Post: Flashing red light and no crank no start
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Hi, so I own a 1995 Celica st and today I went to start her up and nothing. I noticed the red light above the left vent on the driver's side was flashing and I heard a constant clicking sound like the blinkers but it's not them because I turned on the blinkers and I could hear the difference. Anyway, I went to the usual culprit that one would suspect, the battery. After some help from my dad, we charged it up and tried the ignition but nothing. Then we tried tapping the starter to see if that was the culprit and still nothing, just a click whenever I turned the key. At that point my dad said to try and push start it and when we did that the car turned on and sounded healthy, I was able to drive it no problem. When I parked it and tried to turn it on again after turning it off, nothing same as before. I really hope you guys can help me out I would greatly appreciate any help I can get. Thank you in adavance.
Can you post a photo of the light that's flashing? It may have a non factory alarm on it that's setting off and disabling the starter.
Flashing lights, I'd guess it was due to dead battery. After charging, did you measure the battery voltage? If you have less than 12.4v, the battery is toast and the starter won't engage, you'll just hear the clicking noise.

If battery is good, you probably need a new starter, or rebuild your current one if it's salvageable: if the brushes wore down, it's rebuildable - the dealer sells the rebuild kit, and the end result is OEM starter rather than rebuilt crap that will die again in few years. If the coil on it is burnt, the starter is done.

You may need to bang that starter pretty well rather than just tapping it. Or, keep cycling the key - sometimes it'll engage, eventually (if worn brushes is the problem). Of course, it's only gonna get worse.
I solved the issue. I had a mechanic take a look at it and it turns out the factory alarm system was causing a short. It prevented the sensor that detects when the clutch is pressed down to send the signal and let the engine turn. In the end, the mechanic tore out the system and I got my girl back as good as new. Hope this helps someone who might have the same issue.
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