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Full Version: Can't get car to crank
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Car has a new battery new starter, and new fuses for relay and EFI. Still won't start.
Story time,
So my water pump went out and as I was pulling in to park the car so I could tow it. It won't start anymore. The engine isn't locked up, and I can't figure it out for the life of me.

Any help would be awesome.
Also the only thing I haven't changed is the clutch safety, but whenever I was pulling the car in it sounded like the starter was losing power, and then wouldn't start anymore.
You can bypass the clutch safety switch to make sure that's not it before replacing it. I'd check all your grounds, relay, and ignition switch.
I am thinking a ground issue.
Anyone mind taking a picture of the negative battery terminal connections.
Well I took apart the passenger side ground and it smelled like burnt electrical, so I am going to guess that is my problem.
I would take pics if I still had one, but sounds like you may've found it hopefully.
So that didn't fix the issue. it like freaks out. whenever I go to turn on the car both fans immediately kick on, and the temp sensor goes all the way to the top. Even though the car hasn't ran in over a week. Also whenever i turn it off some of the lights stay on. Any suggestions?
Thatís definitely a ground issue somewhere. Grounds can cause some weird issues to happen. You may go ahead and try the Big Three upgrade just to cover your bases.
What is the big three upgrade? Also can you buy a ground cable for the battery terminal of our cars I might need a new one.
I have replaced the battery, starter, and fuses. The ground on the passenger side has been replaced, and only thing I haven't replaced is negative battery connection, and the key starter.
Also the last time the car started it sounded like it wasn't getting power.

so the engine cranks over but it doesnt start?

pull a spark plug, stick it in the wire and crank it over. is it sparking? if no then you have a problem in the DIZZY or crank position sensor.

if it does spark you might have a fuel issue
No crank what so ever.
Not even a clunk or click from the starter? Get a test light and verify power to the smaller starter wire (solenoid wire).
Yeah I was going to do that, or get a multimeter and make sure it is getting the correct voltage.
I GOT THE DAMN THING STARTED. Redid the grounds and it started right up.
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