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Full Version: High rpms after turning AC off
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Hey! ST202 3sge rev.3 ori with AC
I wasnt using ac for one and half year.
Everything with idle was perfect.
Got changed ac condenser and restocked gas.

Turned on is on 900rpm, kicking rpms around 1100-900 (compressor working)
Sometimes kicking around 1200-850, and sometimes kicking 3x 1000-1400 and stops

When i turn my ac off my idle is at 1100..
After 3-5h, starting car and idle is at 1100 and starts like this -
, after night it was around 900-850 so everything back to normal.

I cleaned throttle body and Idle up valve, reconected battery, started motor and was around 2k till got warmed and idle was perfect at 850.
I went for short ride, turned ac on and it was working good, turned off and idle was perfect on 750-850.
In another day, after turing ac off problem come back, idle with ac off is 1100...

AC Idle up valve sucking air into one hose the same with ac on and off, when i "clog/plug" sucking hose motor is stalling.
It should suck more air and give more with second hose when ac is on and less with ac is off?
Could it be working but malfunctioning?

What to look out for to repair this weird ac problem?? kindasad.gif
Sounds like the AC idle up valve may be sticking, try swapping it for a known good one. There's also a small computer called the AC amplifier that runs things associated with the AC system, there could be a failure with that as well.
Thank you for response!
Yes, im going to check this with working one from friend 6gen before i buy a new used one,
AC Amplifer is located behind glove box?
Will try to replace this with friends one too
I think it's back there, yes. It's good to have a friend you can swap parts with!
In Poland its not that hard to find 6gen enthusiast in "bigger" cities! laugh.gif
Swapped that working vsv from friends car and everything seems okay, so issue was my ac idle valve malfunctioning.
Ordered used one, if problem will come back (hope not) i will check AC amplifier next.
Thanks for advice!
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