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Full Version: Where is everyone buying new JDM Toyota parts from?
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Hi everyone,

It has been several years since I have been around this forum, but I'm looking to get back in. I am wanting to get my new, OEM JDM Toyota Celica parts stash built up as I intend to source a JDM Celica SS-iii and GT-Four to keep at a home outside of the US, and then bring in once the 25 year mark hits.

It appears as if my previous sources for JDM Toyota parts no longer sell online. Are there any great, US based Toyota dealers whom are happy to source rare, Japanese market Toyota parts? Are there any online that still have functioning JDM parts catalogs with diagrams to ensure the correct part is being ordered?

Now that so many of the old photos in numerous posts have been removed, its hard to get any confirmation through info. that was previously uploaded to

There are excellent threads with JDM parts on this site, hopefully we can get those pictures back!

Thanks in advance for any guidance.
I've just been using when I want to look around at Jspeed or other JDM parts. Haven't bought anything that interesting yet though. Also on the old threads, you can right click and hit "open in new tab" on the deleted photos to open them on photobucket if you really need to see them. It's a huge pain for long build threads/guides with lots of photos, but it works I guess.
Download the google chrome extension, and all the photobucket photos will work.;#entry1092261

If you're not looking for brand new parts, Yahoo Auctions Japan are a great resource, basically eBay of japan. Only thing is you need someone who can bid and buy them for you. Companies like Jesse Streeter do this for a small fee.

I sourced projector lows, clear highs and JDM fogs for under 500 CDN, shipped to my house.
Thanks for the replies guys! I will check out the sights you both listed. I always prefer to buy new, but I am finding several parts have been discontinued already. I like to have a backup for everything I think I may potentially need. I have placed orders with Camelback Toyota and through Amayama recently with some success.
Lithia Toyota used to be a great resource but a friend of mine recently tried to buy an O2 sensor for his JDM 2JZ and they told him they canít order JDM parts. Maybe it was just that oddball O2 sensor they canít get but theyíve always been able to order parts in the past. I believe Prine MR2 can get parts from overseas for you.

For what itís worth, when I had a slight fender bender back in 2014, I heard that Toyota was actively working to make sure that US dealerships canít order parts for cars that werenít available in this market- i.e., ST202ís and ST205ís. Whether or not thatís true, I canít say, but I found it odd that I heard that in 2014-15 and now Lithia said they canít order JDM parts.
lithia and conicelli toyota is where its at sorta.

i agree with richee, i used to order with conicelli toyota because if you look at the stickies you can seee they use to offer discount parts for 6gc members for jdm products.

then the connection there went cold and last year i ordered a lot of maintenance parts for the 3rd gen 3sge and 3sge beam from lithia toyota. but i even think they are less and less interested in sourcing them for you.

i just had recent luck with battlegarage located in here in California and they are willing to import ST205 rotors!!! yes you heard ST205 Rotors!!!

which is unheard of. even these special heater hoses that neither lithia nor conicelli toyota could get in the past, is available through battle garage

yes jesse streeter is reliable, dont rely on buyee they are a rip off, ive had 4-5 shipments from jessestreeter and nothing but good i can say about the company.
Great to hear! Ill check those recommendations out as well. On another note, I actually had one dealer tell me that they too were not suppose to order JDM parts, however, they were able to get around it somehow. Due to slow communications, I ended up purchasing from another anyways. I wish Toyota would support the preservation and restoration of their older models, especially those most commonly collected or desired years down the road. Mazda, Land Rover, Jaguar and Ferrari all offer some sort of program/support in this regard. I have an old Celica Supra that I have been collecting parts for the past ten years in order to fully restore it (hopefully in the next 1-2 yrs). I lucked out and was able to source most of the factory new, oem parts back in 07/08, but now its impossible to get nearly anything other than a random gasket here or a bolt there. Its depressing really. Neat thing about Land Rover is that they will actually make you what you need if its not still stocked. You have to wait longer, but at least they will provide parts necessary. There are so many great Toyotas in years past that it would seem desirable for them to show interest in allowing customers to preserve and maintain such vehicles.
Another vote for conicelli toyota. They seem to have good pricing.
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