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Full Version: 3sgte won't start
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Recently bought an st205 finaly that I am trying to bring it slowly back to life, the car is in a rough shape but I will be restoring it to it's former glory.
The problem I have is that the car wont start. The pump is sending fuel, distributor is checked, ignition coil is also good and there is current flowing to it the starter is also good. The car cranks but there is no spark on the spark plugs. I have to mention that there is an aftermarket alarm which I have canceled since the previews owner lost the transponder, they had also removed, boost control and guages, such as water temp etc.
I know it is not possible to find a solution on here, but what I need is some guidlines of what to check and how if possibe.

My car is a 1996 st205 uk spec

Thank you in advance
It sound like from what you described it is either the spark plug wires or spark plugs. How did you check the distributor and ignition coil?
I would look into testing your Igniter and coil.
check continuity for all the wires from the dizzy to ECU.
Thanks to all guys I have found the issue.

HardHead93 I replaced them from my SS2 both so I know there was fine.

lagos I ve test them as well all good.

Smaay that was exactly the problem, the white wire from the ignition coil to the ecu was cut and solder it back together, it just fired up.
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