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Full Version: Brake cooling ducts..
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im currently researching, on this matter.. but i see a lot of different things on the matter..

Project Mu has the air directed to the friction surface of the rotor...

these guys have them directed to the fins..

and ive seen hydrid versions of both, what are your toughts...

i do like these intakes..

anyone done these?
Are you sticking with the dust shields or getting rid of them? That may limit your choices.

It seems like any amount of brake cooling is beneficial. I've been looking at Porsche GT3 style cooling ducts, as they seem to be relatively easy to implement. Simplest is just a spoiler that redirects some air to the rotors (no direct piping), followed by the scoop type deal like the last one you linked.

Best would be to run a direct line from the front grill to the brakes themselves, but you run into issues of where to run the line so that it doesn't interfere with the wheel's range of motion. Specifically, on pas side, can't run below subframe (too low) or above (engine in the way). Maybe come up and run down along the strut tower? I don't know, haven't figured that one out hence leaning towards air redirect spoilers.

EDIT: Oh, and check out these drool worthy carbon fiber F1 brake cooling ducts. Yea...
I dont have shields at the moment. So the sky is the limit
I would go for inside of the rotor, then you're cooling from the center. Whereas on the friction surface it's just one side of the rotor. I'd imagine you'd want the cooling to be as even as possible.
QUOTE (njccmd2002 @ Sep 23, 2017 - 1:27 PM) *
...So the sky is the limit

Well then - see the Carbon Fiber F1 style cooling ducts I referenced above. laugh.gif
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