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Full Version: Radiator fan flow
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whats the flow in our cars...

do the fans pull air in to the engine bay?

do they blow air towards the front, fighting the airflow as the car moves fast...

just want to be sure...
The are puller fans. Air flows from outside the car into the engine bay. If your car is not doing that either you wiring polarity is wrong or your fan has gone bad.
Lol my bad wiring it is. Someone told me the other way and just never gave any tought
Yup pull cooler outside air through them, not push hot engine bay air through them. tongue.gif
no wonder my car is faster in reverse than in first gear
Fans always move outside air to inside the engine bay when put in front, that way the car moving helps push the air through, pusher fans go on the outside and push air in, puller fans pull outside air to the engine bay. The only fans that might push air out of the engine bay would be non OEM fans added to the car.
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