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Full Version: How to change the odometer reading of your gauge cluster
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this is great for if you bought a used gauge cluster from a junkyard and you want it to read your cars actual mileage or if you do a swap to your car and want to track the mileage of your new engine

i am not sure on how to submit how to articles so i just did this i hope thats alright

Philips head screwdriver
Ratchet with philips head bit or short philips head screwdriver
Small flathead screwdriver

First of all, you have to remove your gauge cluster there are instructions under the how-to for Changing Gauge Cluster Light Colors. The goal here is too get your center section of your cluster out, it is held in with 4 Philips head screws from the back of the cluster. Once you get the center dial out you can see the back of it there is a little metal tab that you need to remove just use your little flathead screwdriver to pop it off you will then clearly see a little rod with star wheels on it there will be one for each digit of your odometer you need to pry up on the end of the rod so that your digits are free to spin on your gauge face. Next set your numbers to where you want them make sure that when you put the rod and little wheels back in place so that the digits on the gauge face arenít able to move or else your odometer wonít read properly it may take some trial and error to get it right but it is important that you do get it right. Put your metal clip back on and reinstall your new gauges with your actual odometer reading. my Gauge started

lol, illegal much. rolling back an odometer is not bueno for any reason. but looks good..
QUOTE (njccmd2002 @ Sep 28, 2017 - 8:57 PM) *
lol, illegal much. rolling back an odometer is not bueno for any reason. but looks good..

Only illegal if you get caught. So, don't get caught.
im not sure if it is technically illegal but i haven't done it to my actual car anyway that was just a cluster out of my parts car and im not saying for people to do it in there car but if you needed to put in a cluster from another car it is handy to be able to set your cars actual mileage on the new cluster again
This is awesome I've always wanted to set mine back to 0 just to trip people out
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