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Full Version: Will a Solar Steering Wheel Fit?
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Curious about an upgrade I want to do down the road. Will a Toyota Solara steering wheel work on our cars? I ask because I had a 2006 Solara a while back and it has steering wheel controls I really liked. There is an adapter to make the controls work with the pioneer stereo I have. Will the wheel bolt to the steering column and will the airbag plug in? I checked this thread and it says nothing about it:
The wheel should bolt up but the airbag plug will likely need modification. I vaguely remember something about single stage vs two stage airbags and our airbag ECU canít deploy a dual stage airbag or something like that. Iím probably way wrong there but I could swear thereís a difference in the airbags in newer cars. As for the audio controls, I did it in our Celica. I used an auto trans IS300 wheel and adapted the shifter buttons to work as audio controls. Iíll post up the specifics later when I get a little more time. thumbsup.gif
Alright, got a chance to sit down and get my info together. My setup is an IS300 wheel with the E-shift buttons, IS300 clock spring, PAC Audio SWI-RC interface for the steering wheel controls, and Pioneer double din head unit that allows for remote input. The IS300 clock spring is plug and play in the Ď98-99 Celicas but 94-97 will need a new plug on the harness to plug in to the car. The benefit of the IS clock spring is that it has two extra pins that allow the signal from the buttons to get out, vs our clock spring that if I recall correctly, every pin is used. You may need more than just the two extra pins though, so you may need the entire Solara setup. Leaving the clock spring, I had to run extra wires from the steering column to the radio, where the interface is. My setup only allows for volume up and down, but thatís plenty for me.
Yes, but I would recommend you go for a lunar one... Lol. Sorry, couldn't resist.

It will bolt on, sure. I believe Solara wheel would be bigger diameter (an inch or half), something to consider in the small car that Celica's are. Dual stage aigbags, yes, you'd need to wire it to the "higher" stage one. you'll need the clockspring to account for more wires, or you may be able to re-route some if you ditch the cruise control.
anything fits, but be careful when wiring airbags. why not look into another steering wheel where airbag is not dual stage.
Just use the TVR safety method......Don't crash. No need to worry about airbags then.
Well nobody plans on crashing, unless you're a Mustang owner.
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