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Hello everyone. I've spent the last 25 years regretting the trade-in of my beloved '86 Celica.
Earlier this year I picked-up a red '99 GT Liftback and been in love ever since. I've been lurking here for a few months.
During that time, I've gathered some really useful information here. Thanks to everyone that's compiled and posted over the years.
As far as my Celica goes, not much to tell yet. I'm just doing maintenance and repair items right now. Started with Timing belt/water pump service,
radiator replacement. Changed the manual transmission oil. Had a pull to the right. Got it aligned and found out that pull was from a separating tire.
So, I got my first mod. Didn't like the tire choices for 15'' wheels. Moved up to 16'' wheels and tires. Still sorting a shifting problem but that's about it.
I'll take some photos and post them soon. Thanks again for all the good information.
welcome! love these cars to death. glad you're enjoying yours too. feel free to shoot a question to any of us on here. we'll be glad to help.

North FL, same here. Gainesville.
Welcome! If the shifting problem is a grinding third gear synchro that's a common issue.
Like others, welcome! Post up some pics!
Thanks everyone, for the warm welcome. Hopefully some sun and a car wash are coming soon. Last night's family trip to the Northeast Florida Agricultural Fair
resulted in a little Cow Pasture Rallycross. One of the local Sheriff's Office Explorers stopped me in the parking lot (actually a pasture) and asked what year my
Celica is. He told me that he has a '94 that he's fixing-up. Cool.

Thanks for the heads-up on the 3rd gear synchro. That turned up in some of my searches. I'll go ahead and float this out there in case anyone has already had
this issue. When starting car and driving it shifts nicely, like new. As long as I drive very conservatively it will shift as it should. (very mild throttle input. short
shift around 3000 rpm) If driving more aggressively (what most people call normal), shifting becomes "notchy" in all gears or sometimes almost impossible.
Blipping the throttle helps but not much. When this occurs, It is also difficult to move out of a gear. Most of the time, turning the car off and back on will stop
this symptom but several tries may be required. My diagnosis on this is that I have a clutch problem. I think possibly a throwout bearing problem. Already
planning a clutch service as soon as I can afford as I noticed some clutch slip when I was doing some full throttle acceleration back when I first got her. I've good
reviews of Exedy as my brand of choice for replacement.
That or the clutch hydraulics could need servicing. If you haven't already change the clutch fluid, the best way would be to bleed it and flush all new fluid through it but you can suck out old fluid and top it off and pump the pedal rapidly a few times to kind of cycle it and then suck it out once it looks dirty and top it back off. Repeat until it stays mostly clean. Though if the clutch is slipping it needs replaced anyway, I would go with Exedy/Daikin for an o.e. replacement myself.
Good idea. I'll flush out the fluid in the clutch. Thanks.
It took a while to get around to it but, finally had time to flush out the clutch fluid. That seems to have made a big improvement in shifting. Old stuff came out kinda muddy.
No more notchy shifting or not releasing the gear. Thanks to everyone for the input, especially Box, you nailed it!
Now if I can just catch her clean on a sunny day for some photos.
No problem, glad could help and it was something simple.
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