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Full Version: Interior dome light issue
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Well I know this should be easy, and have done on other cars, but having some trouble getting the dome cover off. I have a 95 gt with a moonroof and there is just one screw to take out. I can gently pry the left side a bit, but I would have to pull really hard to get it to come loose, and I don't want to break anything. Is this common or am I missing something here. I know pretty lame, but just playing it safe. Thanks
No one???? I know it seems like a straight forward easy thing, but for some reason after removing the single screw, it seems like something else is catching somewhere. Was just wondering.
Might try using some thin trim removal tools to pop it off. Mine had a factory moonroof, but I sold it like three years ago so I couldn't tell you 100% one way or another. If any visible means of retention like screws have been removed then it should be a matter of popping it free.
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