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Full Version: St246 gen5 3sgte swap
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Just thought I'd mention I have my gen5 3sgte running on the stock ECU. I have the immobilizer issue fixed. I've wired a further 11 mr2s for people along with one st165.

So, in other words, the gen5 3sgte is now an option.
oh its you mr220v. the wiring extraordinary electrical wiz!! good to hear your still helping out the community. i hear gen 5 isnt worth all the hassle for same hp n tq ourput....
It has a better mid-range on the stock ECU. Beyond that, it's cheaper than a gen4 and usually cleaner. They stopped making these in 2007.
what did you do for the immobilizer? is that a flash to the ECU? or just a wiring hack like code 24 on the 3rd gen
This is great news Doug! Thanks for tackling this for the community!
I remove and reflash some of the board components.
wow good to see you here mr220v, I'm also on the mr2 forums.
If you are swapping into a 1994 OBDI car does that cause more problems with the 5th gen OBDII?

Would that make the 4th gen better for the older car or does it matter?
I also heard that the 5th gen doesn't have an oil cooler.
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