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95 vert won't start with older 530 CCA or 700 CCA batteries, BOTH of which DO start/run a 97 Accord... So I don't think the batteries are 'bad'. Took one to O'Reilly and they said it checked out.

It WILL start with the application of a 600Amp battery booster jumpered though (but only if its charged to 100% - even one bar less than 100% charge and it's a no-go and sounds like a slow crank).

Ideas? Has anyone experienced this or know what could be causing this problem?
need more info. how do you connect the booster?

neg battery terminal or ground?

terminals clean?
I connect the booster with alligator clamps to the neg battery terminal. I thought the terminals were clean... but I'm going to do a treatment and light sand on them today to try that.

How many CCAs are usually needed for our 6th gens to start?
Sounds like bad cables and/or grounds. That or the starter could be weak, but you'd hear that.
Likely the cables are corroded inside and making poor contact with the terminals, slit the cable insulation and look for bright clean copper.
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