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Full Version: ST202 euro model airbags
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Hi all, I am soon planing to buy a Toyota Celica that was made for EU GT trim 1995 year. And I have one question regarding 6 gen celicas and that is, are the steering wheels with tri points without airbags unlike the traditional 4 point steering wheels seen on US models? smile.gif sorry if this question was answered long ago smile.gif I couldn't find it.
There a few different steering wheels for the 6th gen celica.
I will try to show as best as I can.

this is the 4-post wheel that came on the 6gc from 94-97

this is the non airbag wheel that came on the gt-fours or JDM/EDM celicas I believe. US did not receive these as an option.

and this one is the 3-post wheel that has airbag. They were available on the 98-99 models.

lastly the good thing about toyotas is that alot of their steering wheels will interchange with each other.
alot of members switch out their wheels for ones from other models like this rav4 one:

as well as the more common ones like this. These can be found on alot of different models (7th gen celicas, 8th & 9th gen corollas, matrix, supras)

Malpaso did a write up on how to change out the steering wheels and it was done on a euro 6th gen as well. take a look at the stickies and search feature if you need any more help. smile.gif

Thanks man smile.gif this one is without airbag then, wanted to get one with an airbag but whatever it is a good find laugh.gif Too bad you cant just put an airbag in it biggrin.gif
no problem. I hope you buy it then. smile.gif
And once you have the celi, I'm sure you will want to do lots of changes to it so you can start with the steering wheel. It's pretty easy to change out. biggrin.gif
Haha smile.gif it is not the problem with changing the wheel, problem is that you cannot just swap a non airbag wheel with a airbag wheel and poof tongue.gif cause of the sensors in the bumpers and ecu that controls the poof part biggrin.gif at least from what I read I might be wrong smile.gif
Is there maybe an easier way to put on airbag in a celica that came from factory without airbag? smile.gif
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