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Full Version: AWD v6 swap questions
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Hey there, strangers, long time no speak! But alas, I'm still alive, still in Portland, still doing the Celica thing. I'm on my 2nd one (well, technically it's my 3rd, after a voracious dud that I flipped about 3 weeks in). My original silver ST got totaled a few years ago—I drove it for a while after that w/the intention of fixing it, but one day the timing belt went and I decided enough was enough.

Onto my current, a 94 GT. I've done everything to it that I've wanted, all that's left is the motor swap now. I've been quietly stalking the forum here & there, doing some homework. One thing is bothering me though that I haven't really been able to find a definitive answer for. If a 3mzfe will mate up to an e153, then it stands to reason it would mate up to an e153f, no? So what's stopping me from doing a GT4 awd rear diff conversion & dropping a 3mz into that? Motor swap, e153f, axles, rear diff, fuel cell...? Or is this an ECU nightmare? Does the ECU even CARE about awd if it's a manual anyway? Living in the Pacific Northwest, I'm really REALLY becoming jealous of all the subies and their fancy actual TRACTION in the rain & snow. I'm old and ain't got no time or tolerance for our open differential. haha

TLDR: Will a 3mz-fe mate up to an e153f? What are the pros & cons?
will it bolt up, yes. however, with the V6 there is a rear header that will smack right into the transfer case. so you will need a custom header first off, then you have to fit it down the tunnel with the transfer case and drive shaft. then you need to get the front exhaust to tie into the rear somewhere. I hate to burst your bubble but it will be very difficult to do.

then comes all the work to get the rear end mounted in the car. Its not just a bolt in, you need lots of fabrication for the mounting.

then you will also need to come up with custom axles for the front, ST185 axles might work but i dont know.

ECU wont care being a manual, as long as you use a 1MZ. if you use a VVT 1MZ ECU you will have a transmission CEL. cant use the 3MZ because of DBW.

I suggest sticking with the 3MZ, stay FWD, and use the S54 trans. Change the 5th gear from the early camry trans (cant remember the trans code but its an E series)
Could do the V6 and keep it FWD, but put in a LSD for improved traction. Here's one place I came across that carries used differentials and the install kit:
or 2 ore years and wait for the GT4
Yeah, LSD is the alternate option & sounds like the best route. Sounds like the AWD is way more work than it'd be worth. I had a feeling that might be the case, but I thought it was worth educating myself on.
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