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Full Version: Mobile 1 20k miles 20,000 miles oil change
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What are your thoughts of this ?
Would you try it ?
Since most of our celica leak would adding more oil ruin the 20k performance ?
No car will go 20k without adding oil, even at 1qt per 5k miles you're adding 4qt to the engine. It's like buying a neck tie that'll last 1000 years. So what, you won't!
It's also 20K or one year, whichever happens first. Another thing is I think that 20K mile claim is more for newer engines that won't already have deposits in them, of course it's possible for an older engine to be mostly deposit free, but it'd have meant owners that cared about it and used synthetic and regular oil change intervals. Which probably describes no USDM 6th gen Celica. So yes the oil itself may last 20K miles, but after getting contaminated with deposits in the engine probably not so much. So for what it costs over other synthetics unless you're doing 15,000-20,000 miles a year and you have a mostly deposit free engine, I would just use something else.
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