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Full Version: Factory security system
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I believe my car was equipped with an alarm from the factory because it has the "Toyota Security" thing under the dash, but i don't know what the previous owner did with it. What are some things i should check before trying to get a new key fob programmed for my car?
I had the same question.but is located under the driver side .and wanted to get the fob to.
Comparable fob are all over ebay and amazon. Programming doesn't require any tools just something to press the button on the alarm cpu.
QUOTE (Keiri @ Jun 8, 2010 - 5:25 PM) *
That's what my RS3000 equipped '99 has. To double-check/verify check under the seat for a black or gray box with a single wire cluster running into it that's held in place on one side with a zip-tie. That, if there is one in your car, is the control/programming box for the system and you'll need the fob, a paper clip, and about 5 minutes to program it.

The fob you need can be purchased from eBay for between $25 and 50 dollars. You want the oval shaped fob (gray or black - I have one of each and both work) with two buttons and information on the back as such:

FCC ID: BAB237131-022
CANADA 2024101526

Just search for "Toyota fob BAB237131-022" and you should find exactly what you need.

That’s for a ‘99, but I believe I just sent cheela a ‘99 remote that wouldn’t work with his ‘97. He could share more accurate info on that.
i got rid of mine... too many problems. if you want alarm system, get a new one...
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