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Full Version: Cigarette lighter stupid questions
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Cigarette lighter receptacle wasn't working. Excessive rust. Voltmeter showed it still conducting, but probably not good enough, so I decided to replace it.

When I opened the bottom center panel (the one that just pops off), I was greeted with a confusing array of cables I thought someone could give me a hand on. I already checked related electrical topics trying to understand.

Both: why are they not connected to anything?
The smaller one: Could connect to a cig lighter receptacle. No voltage detected from it when car running. Why no electricity? Is this normal?
The larger one: No idea what this is, and where it would have been before. What is its function?

The cig lighter receptacle was instead connected by two yellow cables, that luckily output correct voltage. However, weirdly, they were also connected to a switch that seems to have been installed aftermarket. Flicking the switch didn't produce any measurable changes.

I could include more info, such as a primitive wiring diagram of how this seems to be connected, but I doubt that would help.

TL;DR: What are those two cables in the first image?
Why does the receptacle have two connections, one of which is not occupied (the one that the smaller cable fits into)?
Why could there be a switch connected to the two conducting connections on the cig lighter, if it doesn't seem to impact output voltage?

I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks.
That is 100% NOT stock wiring. Somebody has been there before you and had something aftermarket wired in there. The switch you're talking about is likely part of the same story - Toyota did not hide and switches in the dash.

Best would be to eliminate the switch and try to restore the original wiring the best you can. Originally, the power outlet was connected to with a 2-prong L-shaped connector, not any kind of individual wires. The other two connectors you pictured: the two prong one looks like it may be the light bulb that lives in that region (check for 12v when interior is lit up), and I don't recall what that 10-pin is for (was the car even an automatic and converted to manual? if so, this might be the plug that went to the gear selector).
not stock wiring, but it could be set up properly to work with the cigarette lighter. Those connections look like they would fit
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