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Full Version: Can't Get My Headlights To Turn On
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Hey guys,

I have a 1999 Celica GT. I can't get the headlights to turn on when I flip the switch on the light stock.

Here's what I know or have tried:
  • Replaced headlight relay
  • Replaced integrated relay
  • Checked headlight fuses
  • Checked main 60A fuse
  • Checked the ground on the left side of front bumper
  • Replaced headlight switch
  • The turn signals work
  • I can flash my high beams
  • The headlights come on when I jump the connectors at the relay with some copper wire
  • My bulbs are fine

Does anyone have any other things I can check/replace? I've run out of things to check that aren't in the wiring harness.

Thanks to anyone who can provide some insight!
New components are not always good components.

If you can flash high beams, that means that the head relay and fuses work, as the relay feeds both low and high beams through 1 fuse per side.
According to the wiring diagram (I just pulled up my book at took a look), both low and high beams come on when you flash. Is that the case for you? If so, it's down to switch, integration relay, or the wiring b/w them.

Check the switch - you'll need to get pinout and run through it with a test light or multimeter, make sure you get contact in the right pins when you turn on the components.
Integration relay will be a bit more difficult, but you'd want to at least check wires for continuity b/w the switch, head relay, and integration relay. Use a test light with an incandescent bulb rather than a multi-meter, as you want to put at least some load on the wires when you test - if there's a break, multimeter might show you that there's still connection, but you won't know that that connection cannot carry any current.
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