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Full Version: Clifford alarm destall
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Due to Clifford alarm my car started playing when i tried to start it. last time took over a hour to start. since then i have removed every trace of that alarm system. i also removed wiring from a dvd player sub woofer, multi disk dvd thing a 1600 watt amp and a under glow of my car. once this one done i re wired the ignition back up. My car still wont start. i also own another 99 st202 (long project awaiting 2jz transplant, So i have so far changed Starter motor with solenoid, full ignition wire loom. full ignition fuse boxes. replaced. the original toyota alarm system. I have jusy spent 12 hrs taking out the full engine ecu wire loom. i am going to swap every thing i have to get my Silver celica back on the road. my quistion is what did they do the car that has stopped it starting.
When you removed the old alarm, did you reconnect the ignition wires? I'm not familiar with the alarm you mentioned, but most generally have starter cutoffs that cut the ignition wire and route it through a relay or even the control module itself, and that wire need to be reconnected upon removal.

Rather than changing the wiring harnesses, try to do some diagnostic. Do you have power at the ignition switch? When you go to start the car, do you have power at the starter relay? How about at the starter? This stuff is easy to check with the simplest multimeter or test light.
Maybe it wasn't the alarm after all? As mentioned, you need to see if there's power at the starter solenoid (small wire) when in start. If there is not then check at the ignition switch. If there is, it's probably a bad starter.
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