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Full Version: Upper radiator hose Swollen
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I just replaced both upper and lower hose as well with a new radiator cap and Radiator
Fluid was replaced. Operating temp is normal and Stays but Iím concerned about the upper radiator hose looking full
And feels hard when the car is on. Is it normal ? I been driving it like this for about two weeks
75 miles a day. Or what do yíall Suggest donít know how to post pic from phone .
Radiator hose just looks full
when was the last time you changed the water pump and thermostat?

as for pics. you can download the flickr app or any other photohosting app. and then get the img tags from there and paste them here.
Swollen or hard? There's a difference, hard is fine but swollen is a problem. Bulges are a problem and indicate impending doom

Hereís the link hopefully it works
Look where it connects to the radiator and to the engine is it normal ?
Also the hose is really hard when operating at normal temps
i would hope it's hard/firm. means there's pressure in the system and it's working
Mechanic said itís hard and firm haha thanks guys the car is normal
Thanks for the replyís and help
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