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Full Version: Hashims Celica ST202 Pre-SS3
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Hi Everyone, Its good to be here and information shared here forced me to register and start my own thread. I'm Hashim from Lahore, Pakistan.

Recently I bought a Celica ST202, Its a very rare car in my country and are hardly 3 or 4 but no issues because we had every other toyota here and junkyards are full of rare JDM toyota parts. I get such project once in a year and restore then sell it when I'm bored. Previously I had Galant VR4 6a13tt, Honda Integra DA5, Civic EK3 Hatch and list goes on and on. We can only import cars less than 3 years old here so whatever we got in good old days is what we have now. This car however was imported late through a scheme called amnesty where we can register any car of any year by paying some amount.

Car Details:
Chassis: ST202 - BLPZF which makes it a SS3 but I believe its earlier SS3 which had no Beams
Engine: 3SGE 3rd Gen
Transmission: Automatic with Manu, PWR and Overdrive
Color: Black
Wheels: Stock 15inch JDM wheels

Restore the car to its original specs with some interesting add-ons.

Work to do/Plans:
Its a long list and car requires major restoration and detailing. Thankfully, interior is all mint. Exterior requires a shower good news is its still original and never been painted before.

1. Clean Throttle body - Done
2. Air-Intake pipe has a crack, need to find replacement Repaired
3. Change plugs - Done
4. Exhaust downpipe had holes - Repaired!
5. Radiator flush with new coolant - Done
6. Engine Oil flush and new oil, Liqui Moly 10-40 as I'm diehard fan of Liqui Moly Oils. - Done
7. Timing belt replace - Done with new bearings and adjuster
8. All bushes of front suspension needs replacement - Done
9. Coilovers
10. Steering pump is leaking - Done, replaced
11. Axle boot is broken - Done
12. Injectors cleaning
13. Engine mount needs replacement but not a priority for now.
14. Brakes Service - Done for front only
15. New Paint with detailing
16. Speedometer Light of 'D' is not working with a TRD DIY wink.gif Done
17. CF dip of interior panels
18. ATF Change - Done used Dexron III
19. Services of Door looks - Done
20. Steering change to OEM 3 spoke like rav4 or SS3
21. Android unit, rear cam, new speakers
22. 17 Inch Rims, Done for now, 16s BBS
23. Dyno and ecu tune
24. Door locks service - Done
25. Strut bar paint with TRD steel emblem
26. Central locking fix

And about hundreds of DIYs

Rare items I found in the car.
1. HyperSports Mats
2. CD Changer in the Trunk
3. Momo Steering - broken, I will see if it can be repaired.

I believe the car is 1995 SS3 25th Anniversary edition from Japan. It has red needles in speedo as well.

Attaching a picture to make things less boring. Proper Pictures will be added soon.


The list of work done recently. Apologies for no pictures post. As soon as I get free I will take pictures and share with you all.

Recent work list at workshop: 21 Jan 2019

1. 5 Ball joint each side, making total to 10 ball joints.

2. Front struts refill x 2 - replacement struts were not available and I have plans to switch to coil-overs so got these repaired.

3. Lower Arm bushes x 2

4. New Power steering with new Oil - old one was leaking

4. Cleaning of new Power steering pump and lines, oil, clamping of new pipes

5. Struts upper mounting x 2

6. Mechanic Labor(New Timing Belt, Power Steering Pump, Suspension, Brakes)

7. Alignment

8. Z- Link press

9. Rack end repair

10. 3 x Axle Grease, 1 New Boot, 2 New Struts Jumper

11. New AC Belt

12. Brake rotors tooling
Your celi doesn't look too bad on the outside. In fact, it looks great unless the black is just hiding all the flaws haha.
looks like you have a good list of things to do as well and slowly tackling them all. Keep at it. thumbsup.gif
Thank you. Much appreciated.
Haha exactly the black is hiding everything.
So weekend was here. I had some spare time. Fixed intake pipe with some silicon. Friends came over and thought to check it with 2005 Accord k24 Type S 200hp. Had about 4 5 runs and we ran head to I'm impressed with the power of it but it takes time to know how to launch it properly. I found L 2 D manually shifting on PWR mode better.
lets see a picture of the shiny metal engine badge/chassis badge that sits on the firewall please!
QUOTE (BonzaiCelica @ Jan 27, 2019 - 4:34 AM) *
lets see a picture of the shiny metal engine badge/chassis badge that sits on the firewall please!


Finally found these lights! They will arrive on Thursday or Friday and I'll fit them over weekend. I'm out of budget for this month so wheels buying postponed to next month.
Also I need to know which bulbs go in projector headlamps and high beams, I need to order some bright LEDs for it.
Don't think I've seen a QF interior before, quite possible its an anniversary edition (I know they did a SS-I anniversary edition) Any interior photos

Welcome to 6GC too btw

Yes! It is a SS-III pre beams (the amount of people these days who still get it wrong puzzles me lol)

Check out the stickied threads at the top of each section - have lots of info how to's etc in those
Apologies for the delay. I stay busy for 12 hours a day in week days and when I return home its too dark to take a picture. The work on the car usually takes place on the weekend. Sorry for the bad quality pictures. I used to be a professional photographer once but now its been years I took my camera out from the bag all because I don't get much time due to work.

Updates are that car is running fine(used occasionally on weekends), still looking for a good set of rims. 5x100s are kind of rare here when it comes to variety.
Opened the gear lever, found out ashtray light was disconnected, one successful DIY lol.
Projector lights are on, took about a day to install everything. Had to change grips of H1s and one light had moisture. LEDs ordered. H1 and 9005

Attaching some pictures that I took about 2 weeks ago

I feel cluster is different maybe because is a 25th anniversary edition?

Bought a rotary polisher, waiting for cutting and polishing pads. I will give it a try to restore the paint for now. I have plans for complete paint job later this year.
So I was wondering for some engine mods, one mod I found from search is to put 1.1 Inch spacer behind throttle body. That is possible I can get that made.
Second I was thinking is it possible to make it like 4 throttle? is it possible on 3sge 3rd gen? If yes, what would be pros and cons of it?
Third is opening ACIS before 5k RPM but that I believe is not an easy DIY.

Bought these rims used. These are BBS RA 16x6.5 with ET55. I'm bit concerned about the width of these but lets see how they look at 215 or 225 on rear and 205 on front.
At the moment, I'll doing some restoration of these they require some polishing and buffing.

Weekend was fun, all of us gathered to our newly opened workshop/garage.
On Sunday, I had some time to work on the car. Removed the heat shield from hood. It needs some cleaning and restoration so its currently off from the car.

I always wanted to see its headers as I read somewhere on the forums that 25th anniversary edition came with tanabe headers, pipe and exhaust. Exhaust is there so is the downpipe. So I removed the headers cover and they look mean lol

are these stock headers?

Just an update, mostly busy with weekend detailing, engine bay cleaning.
Power steering fluid bottle was leaking, took it out and checked for leaks. No leaks were found and it looks as if its a case of overfill, lets see how it behaves now.

Will be adding BBS 16" wheels on coming weekend.
Looks like you do have an OEM 3SGE exhaust manifold.

The car is looking good! LOVE black Celicas.... Keep posting updates!
Thanks, i wish I had in white haha, Blacks are not easy to maintain. There are only 3-4 6Gs in my country so anything we come across is a blessing in disguise.

I see, the manifold cover is back on. I buffed it with cutting pad and shiny metal is back.

I have removed the heat shield from the hood, it needed some restoration, therefore you would see two rubber pads on top of strut mounts to save hood getting a hit from strut bolts.

BBS are on, wrapped in 205 55 16 Yokohama ecos. The ride is smooth and looks are somewhat acceptable. Next is coilovers with 18 inch wheels in future.

On Sunday, I opened the cluster to replace the fused bulbs of "D" and "O/D OFF". I always loved the TRD cluster so did something similar to the current one wink.gif

Complete undercarriage service was done to remove all oil leakage. The seal between head and block needs replacement as well as there is some leakage near PS pump. Nothing major though.

Why this forum feels like dead?
Most forums are dead nowadays. Facebook made sure to kill them by having the "groups" option.

Although, it should be noted, that 6gc is one of the more active Celica forums....

Anyway... The car looks good!
Sometimes we don't post but we are here daily reading and looking. The real celica lovers are here , keeping this alive.
QUOTE (CoolZeen @ Mar 22, 2019 - 2:04 PM) *
Sometimes we don't post but we are here daily reading and looking. The real celica lovers are here , keeping this alive.

That's right.
QUOTE (bryanf @ Mar 22, 2019 - 2:07 PM) *
QUOTE (CoolZeen @ Mar 22, 2019 - 2:04 PM) *
Sometimes we don't post but we are here daily reading and looking. The real celica lovers are here , keeping this alive.

That's right.

+1 to this, I usually come daily to check if anything's new.
Good to know there are secret admirers here.
So nothing much for last weekend as today is my exam, will be doing some work on coming weekend
Things I have planned:
1. "Super Struct Suspension" decal, will get that made. I hope it gets as close to original.
2. There is annoying noise coming from driver door, goes when I rest my elbow. Probably a minor fix it would be but it will require some hours.
3. If there is time left, I will be making a card board diffuse for rear bumper. Once its finalized then it will be converted to aluminium or thick plastic.

Got hold of Celica Emblem from UK, there is guy named Abdul Teem on facebook. Getting that for 15 pounds.

Long term plans ahead:
1. Coilovers - only available coilovers available are of Corolla ae100, they would require bit of alteration but would fit perfect I believe.
2. 18 inch wheels
I'm on here daily as well. I usually don't post much because I'll just end up saying, "looks good" on every thing. hahaha.

Noise from the driver's door might be due to just old age and things rattling loose. Take off the door panel and add some padding or check all the plastic pieces to make sure they're still held on firm. I still gotta do this to mine.

Abdul is an awesome guy. He's very reasonably priced and has a lot of pieces that you usually can't find anywhere else.
Thanks guys.

This Weekend was all planning and bit of DIYs.

Restoration for steering has started. Its a momo 25th anniversary edition so I think it deserves a second life.

1. Center area is getting new wrapped leather, previously tapes were placed to hold it but that damaged the surface
2. Drilled two holes at the back of it so that it can be fitted with screws now, previously it had that cloth tape which is normally found on bag straps
3. Red stitch to add a color and to go with red needles of cluster
attaching a picture, the picture is with plain new cloth now, I have ordered dotted leather. Finally and proper pictures next week.

Got hold of FGK Legalis R(I had this on my Galant, bought it back from current owner), the current one that came with the car is Tanabe G medallion, its a great exhaust but looks hideous from back.

Last is a failed DIY lol. The decal of SSS is slighter bigger, will get that made again. It should be bit smaller. Also added a TOM'S sticker wink.gif

I know the pictures I'm posting are of real bad quality. I promise once its ready, I will be posting pictures like this wink.gif my ex ride.
Galant VR4 by Muhammad Hashim
i wish i knew the specs of the tanabe medalion G. is it louder than the fujitsbo legalis R. I used to have this exhaust and it was raspy with a test pipe/catalyst converter delete.
QUOTE (BonzaiCelica @ Apr 1, 2019 - 11:21 PM) *
i wish i knew the specs of the tanabe medalion G. is it louder than the fujitsbo legalis R. I used to have this exhaust and it was raspy with a test pipe/catalyst converter delete.

FGK is in and I'm already missing Tanabe, the FGK is loud and gives a feel of Honda D/K/B series like it actually barks lol. I know I'll start hating it due to the noise..for now I will be keeping it and will switch back to tanabe after a month.
that steering wheel is sweet and I had a tanabe exhaust in the past ,I loved it and still missing it.
Been a long time I posted anything here. Steering DIY was complete, replaced the center with dotted leather and stitched the wheel with red string.

FGK Chambered looked as if it skipped a leg day at gym lol plus it sounded like civic D15 biggrin.gif, so back to Tanabe.

Bought a 7 Inch DVD pre of JVC, Front speakers of Rockford speakers and rears are Alpine components. No amplifier as of now. Fitting rear and front speakers were not easy, had to make custom wooden frames for perfect fitment.

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