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Full Version: FS: 3S-GTE Engine Part-out(s) Gen 2 and 3 WRC
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Parting out both a gen 2 and gen 3 (WRC) 3S-GTE. I also have shelves/cabinets full of 3S odds and ends. If your looking for something specific that's not listed (or need additional pictures), let me know and we can go from there. Located in Southern ID. Open to all REASONABLE offers.

The gen 2 is from my '91 ST185, it's a JDM motor with no EGR. I blew the headgasket on it 3 years back, and there's not much else to say. There are scores on the cylinder walls, and pitting in the combustion chambers of the head (mainly in cylinders 1&4) can provide pictures if needed. Could still be a good candidate for a rebuild or parts.

Head - $200 (bare head, valve train currently still installed)
Block- $200 (bare block+crank)
or both - $300

The gen 3 was purchased from JDM Engine Bay CA in 2016 (still have the receipt) with an estimated 50k-60k miles. Originally purchased JUST for the transmission for the 185. Been holding onto it in hopes to swap in my daily (ST204) GT or RAV4. Currently helping out another forum member with some specific parts, so some things are pending sale such as the Wiring Harness, Igniter, Distributor, and possibly other electrical odds and ends. On top of that I will be keeping the exhaust manifold and anti-lag solinoid, as well as the cams. EVERYTHING ELSE IS UP FOR GRABS!!

Head - $350 (Assembled Valve Train MINUS Cams)
Block - $400 (Complete Rotating Assembly)
or both - $700

ST205 (WRC) Intercooler - $250 (includes lines and overflow)

ST205 (WRC) CT20b Turbo CORE - $200 (ATS Charges a $500 core charge for their CT21 upgrade)
Contrary to popular belief and internet hearsay, the WRC Turbo DOES NOT or did not have a steel turbine (possibly a UK only option). My Gen II engine ate that turbine right up, hence the pitting/scoring.


**Notice the complete lack of turbine...**

ST205 (WRC) ECU - $250

'91 JDM ECU - $225

Gen 2 HKS 3S-GTE Timing Belt - $100 (just over 3k miles on it)

ST185 (RC) Wiring Harness - $225 (Has the larger AFM plug, and a plug for the intercooler pump)
Not perfect by any means, there are a couple of broken plugs, but it's mostly complete. Aside from being CHOPPED at the wiring harness... kindasad.gif Could still be useful to someone for a swap.

ST165 Turbo & Exhuast Housing (Single Entry)
Manifold - $125
Turbo - SOLD

As I said, I have many more parts available. Gen II Cams, ST165 Fuel Rail, ST205 A/C Compressor, ST185 Power-Steering Pump, Gen II Fuel Rail w/440's, Alternators, Starters, etc. Let me know if you are after something specific!


SOLD-ST165 CT26 Turbo
Do you by chance have the gen 3 stock airbox and tube?
Sorry, I do not. frown.gif

QUOTE (sixgentoyota @ Mar 25, 2019 - 7:21 PM) *
Do you by chance have the gen 3 stock airbox and tube?

*Bump* Welcome back 6gc fam!
I'm interested in a heat shield
I have a gen 3 WRC available.

QUOTE (sandusky1977 @ Jul 2, 2019 - 8:53 AM) *
I'm interested in a heat shield


Still have quite a lot of parts. Willing to negotiate on prices. biggrin.gif
*ghost bump
st205 shifter cables
would you be willing to sell me the relay that attached to the ecu? I've been looking and I cannot find one anywhere. Let me know.
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