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Full Version: Got Grammar Game? Good.
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Lets Play The Alliteration Game. From the line below, All posts in this thread must start with a single letter in quotes only contain words that start with the same letter. All postings must make some sense to count.

Selected Sample:


Someone, Somewhere, Sometime Said Start Something. She Suggested Starting. Sipmly Said, "Sentence Structure!"

She Said Someone Sneakily Started Saving Some Salable Securities. Seeing Salvageable Stuff, Sandra's Surgeon Secured Some Sanitized Superfluously Sensual, Supplemental Silicone Sacks. She Scheduled Surgery Saturday 7/6/16. Scheme? Sensitively Supporting Sexy Stars. Supposedly, Scoping Said Stuff Sends Slut Shaming Senators Some Sinful Spirits.


Sixties Still Sexting Sixteens Should Start Suffering Silver Stake Stabbings
Short strand of speech stuck in Siberia, this thread tanks, haiku hurriedly and haphazardly.
So super special shenanigans she says, surely sensual sexual stuff she suggests, seems swell since sweet Sunday spooning spurs sporadic swooning, so stealthily soon. wink.gif

Two-Thousand-Thirty-Three Ticks Till The Time That This Trick Tantalized Twenty Temptresses To Tether Their Twelve Tasty Treats To "Toxic Torpedo Tom Talladega The Tip Top Tool Throwing Thrasher."

Talking To These Trifling Two-Timing Tomboys Tires Tom Tucker.
Imma stay out the way of you two flirtin.
QUOTE (Bitter @ Feb 21, 2020 - 2:44 PM) *
Imma stay out the way of you two flirtin.

So silly should stay, say stringed sentences same start.
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