It pains me that I’m doing this, but I’m hoping that someone will give her a new life and a new home. Asking $1500
-1994 GT Hatchback - Automatic Transmission - 205k miles - clean title/2nd Owner for last 16 years!
-Kouki tail lights - LED Headlights
-New front tires - Enkei 15” alloys
-Front seats are black leather from a convertible celica
-Aftermarket power Hollandia sunroof with black headliner
-New hatch lifts
-New radiator and AC servicing
-Battery < 3 yrs old
-Had some hail here a few months ago and it removed some paint from the roof. Just got out of body shop with repairs/paint. The hood and read bumper were oxidizing so those were repainted as well.
-Tint less than 4 years old
-Aftermarket Alpine CD player with aux/usb
-Aftermarket infinity speakers with Bazooka bass tube in trunk (Legendary!)

-Idles very low when ac is on; throttle body needs some cleaning
-I forgot the exact name of the part but sometimes to start the car, you have to push the shifter far up as it can go. Always starts though.
-Tachometer ( rpms) sometimes doesn’t move.

I am 2 hrs north of Dallas. PM me if interested. All pictures are in my profile in the Album “Tanya”