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Full Version: Issue with Stagg front shocks
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I purchased a set of Stagg front and rear struts/shocks for my 98 Celica only to be told by my dealer that the front shocks are wrong for the car and that the cartridge can not simply be exchanged as the oem units are welded together.

When looking at various 6th gen years and trim levels, they all show the same slim front shock, part: 663299. Our Celicas need the round donut (strut assembly) in the middle for the spring to sit on.

Have any of you come across the same issue and found out which is the correct part number for Stagg front shocks/struts on a 94-99 Celica GT that is not simply just the cartridge, but is the whole assembly?

I want the original “sport” suspension ride and handling and feel as if all of the other aftermarket brands out there only sell the non-sport equivalent.

Thank you!
Some earlier 6GCs came with shocks that had a bolt in shock insert. KYB sells replacement inserts.
Aftermarket shocks were all welded.
Some inserts, such as Koni's, required cutting and drilling stock cartridge to install.
Not familiar with Stagg, but you may want to reach out to them for installation instructions. Or, at lease post a picture here or something. Your description is not very good.
Stagg aren't even worth installing, you might as well just buy no brand stuff off eBay or straight from China through AliExpress. They're really cheap for a reason and it's not because they're quality parts.
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