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My exhaust broke in half today, right and the catilytic converter, and Iím wanting to replace it with an oem one, if anyone is doing a swap or has one for sale I would be eternally grateful. I have a 97 gt, so 2.2L
It would help if you were more specific. Some cars have 2 catalytic converters. There were 2 different length rear catalytic converters based on car emissions type (federal or California). Did your exhaust manifold break along with front cat, or did your rear cat broke with some piping underneath the car?

Junkyards, by law, are not allowed to sell used catalytic converters. Hefty penalties apply.

I have a spare exhaust manifold with primary cat. I'm not really interested in letting it go for cheap though, as I'm keeping it as a hard to find spare.
Itís a federal emissions car, I believe it only has one cat. Itís broken just behind the car, I havenít gotten a quote or gotten a really good look under it yet. I am interested but I donít have all the details I guess. Iím hoping to get under it this weekend and see what it has going on.
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