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Full Version: Alarm and Siren Problems and Replacement
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Hey All,

I've recently been having a problem with the siren randomly going off on my '97 ST202, and thought I would share my ongoing findings for anybody who has similar issues (and have a couple of questions at the end I'm hoping somebody can answer..).

The car is pretty much stock, although a previous owner has clearly played around with electrics a little and had a sub in the back. Alarm is the standard Tvss iiib.

The issue started with the alarm siren going off at random whilst it was parked out front one eve. I'd had a previous problem with alarms going off before due to low battery, and assumed it might be the same again. It stopped and I forgot about it, until it happened again whilst driving. Alarm was going off when driving, but immobiliser wasn't kicking in; just the siren. The only way to get it to stop once started was to disconnect the battery for a while (got some pretty annoyed looks; that siren is loud!).

After looking around on forums I couldn't find much concrete to go on, so I started taking panels apart until I found the alarm box behind the radio. I removed the alarm and tested; but after an hour, siren started going off again. The siren itself is down below the battery bay, and has a green front grille on it. A bit fiddly to get to, but managed to unscrew the two bolts holding on and disconnect. After taking the siren apart, it was blackened inside and had clearly failed. The alarm also contains a few backup batteries, which I've seen people say can fail/ leak over time..

I imagine most 6th gen siren's are getting to an age where failures become common now, so expect others may suffer from this same issue.

Which brings me to the question; I can see a couple of old sirens I could order on ebay, but expect they're all coming to end of reliable life so would rather replace with something more recent. Does anybody know if there are compatible sires that could be installed easily enough as a straight swap?
just looked at the usa spec celica service manual (thru toyota website) (im a lexus tech) and there is nothing in the manual about theft/alarm system. so this is Euro and Japan domestic markets only. your better off posting about this on facebook.
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