6G Celicas

1994 GT Hatchback

Year: 1994
Chassis Code: ST204
Type: GT
Body Style: Hatchback
Transmission: Manual
Color: Black
Location: Norton, MA

Added over 4 years ago by mkernz22.


Black duct tape on the OEM rubber intake


Poly suspension bushings (control arms, sway bars, and end links)
Suspension Technique lowering
prings KYB struts
MR2 calipers in the front


JDM tail lights
Black side markers

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LazyJ says:

I like your Performance modification....

Posted about 4 years ago


mkernz22 says:

Thanks hahaha

Posted almost 4 years ago


MegaMac says:

Very nice. I have a black 97 myself. Needs either a new paint job or a good detailing, but I'm hoping it to get it back to its original luster. Also looking for the mudflaps and thinking about a wind guard on top as well. They look good.

Posted over 4 years ago


mkernz22 says:

You should be able to get it back with a good detailing. This was just after cleaning, claybar, wax, and polish :)

Posted almost 4 years ago


blockustomz says:

Real nice. ????

Posted over 4 years ago