6G Celicas

1994 GT Hatchback -SOLD-

Year: 1994
Chassis Code: ST204
Type: GT
Body Style: Hatchback
Transmission: Manual
Color: Alpine Silver Metallic 199
Location: IL

Added almost 20 years ago by Shigexile. As of almost 2 years ago, Shigexile has indicated that they no longer own this Celica.


NGK Spark Plug Wires
Denso Iridium Spark Plugs
Custom Ground Wires
Custom Cooling Panel
A'pexi Panel Filter
Greddy SP2


BC BR-Type Coilover Swift upgrade
ADVAN RCII 17-7.5JJ +35 Silver
- ADVAN 63mm HIGH center caps
Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport 215/45R17XL
LAILE Beatrush Front & Rear strut towers
Gunmetal GTS Rims for winter season
- Yokohama iceGuard iG52


Angled License Plate Holder
JDM preface fogs
- 2300k piss yellow H3
- Yellow protection film on lens
JDM projectors
- HID 4300K
JDM clear High beam
JDM GT-Four hood
JDM window visor / rain guard
JDM SS-III Rear Splitters
JDM tails
Zenki GT/GT-Four Hybrid Bumper
- UK front splitters painted 199
96+ OEM sides
Grade 17 tint in back 3 glass
Clear front bumper turn signals
Custom Wide Fenders waiting paint and install
- Clear JDM turn signals


Broadway 280mm Rear Mirror
White 194 guage
White-ish CC lights
TRD steering wheel
TRD short throw v2
TRD shift knob
Recaro SR3
- BRIDE RO rails
- TRD seat belt pads
CF wrapped door sills
- Mirror polished door sill plate
JDM air freshener!

More info

Sold to a guy in WI

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808Celica2damax says:

Hey I didnt notice your high rez pics. Love'em!

Posted about 13 years ago


Random_Stranger says:

you can get it from the Eurou site, I estimated price for it all including shipping to run me $600. Although I dunno ho wto go about ordering it from the site. I am sure someone has to speak english there though.

Posted almost 14 years ago


Random_Stranger says:

I am most def going with the Eurou lip for the GT4. That would look sick! Or you know what else that no one has and if you get your hands on, you will be the absolute only person with? Gang's Jail! oh wait, I think that is for the 96-99 front end. But that would be a sick one too. No matter what you do though, it is going to be bad ass since you are the only person with a preface lift with the GT4 front end. Whatever you decide, I cannot wait to see.

Posted almost 14 years ago


Random_Stranger says:

Dude! Put up more Hi Res shots of your car. I want them on my wall. I love what you did with it. Do you plan on adding a lip? I think a 404 would look SUPER SICK!

Posted almost 14 years ago


BonzaiCelica says:

got any pictures of your rims???

Posted almost 14 years ago

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