6G Celicas

1994 ST Hatchback

Year: 1994
Chassis Code: Not specified
Type: ST
Body Style: Hatchback
Transmission: Auto
Color: Not specified
Location: Not specified

Added almost 18 years ago by SoundSlut_dotcom.

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Noahwhite2014 says:

I always liked the look of s2000 tails and was wondering if anyone fit them to a 6gc. Now i know what it looks like (kinda, lol) nice ride though!

Posted over 6 years ago


ILoveMySilly97 says:

I remember seeing this one up for sale. Wander if you sold it or still own it? Clean ride though.

Posted over 6 years ago


Lil-Joe101 says:

Wish more people would try and come up with new ideas and projects like this one. Very original

Posted over 9 years ago


OOBE says:


Posted over 9 years ago


cibrit- says:

Nice ride man!! Get a high res pic up so I can make it my wallpaper!! =D

Posted almost 12 years ago

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