6G Celicas

1996 Celica Aniv Ed.

Year: 1996
Chassis Code: AT200
Type: ST
Body Style: Hatchback
Transmission: Manual
Color: Silver
Location: US- NY

Added about 7 years ago by Selly_Kuhman. As of about 4 years ago, Selly_Kuhman has indicated that they no longer own this Celica.


Blacked out Tail Lights
Side Skirts
25% Tints


7'' TV/DVD
Nintendo 64 Hookup
Blue LED Light Theme
Custom painted interior
LED Blue Shift Boot
Rubber Blue/Black Floormats
AM/FM Modulator

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CoolZeen says:

I love that shift boot .I got it in red.Glad to see somebody else got one.looks cool.

Posted over 1 year ago