6G Celicas

1996 GT Convertible

Year: 1996
Chassis Code: Not specified
Type: GT
Body Style: Convertible
Transmission: Auto
Color: Blue (8k9)
Location: Washington

Added almost 16 years ago by 96bluevert.


-K&N drop-in air filter
-Vincent Doggy custom radiator cooling plate (painted metallic blue)


-ebay brand front strut bar
-KYB GR2 struts (all 4)


-stock antenna-->S2000 antenna-->stock agian
-"6gc.net" stickers
-debadged trunk
-black 7th gen GT-S wheels
-clear side markers
-curren taillights
-8000k HID kit
-20% window tint
-euro front splitters
-smoked gas tank lid

Still waiting to be installed:
-Hiro style rear splitters
-5th gen side mirrors
-Fog light covers


-blue flame floor mats
-steering wheel cover
-custom armrest cover
-hellica sticker on ash tray
-black face aftermarket guages

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freddy121389 says:

Take some pictures with the tom's front lip, I'd love to see what it looks like

Posted over 13 years ago


cheela says:

when are you gonna put everything on? can't wait to see that!

Posted over 13 years ago


vincent_doggy says:

Is Blue (8k9) is a stock toyota color?

Posted almost 15 years ago


ladyMilla says:

thanks :D

Posted over 15 years ago