6G Celicas

1996 GT-V6 Liftback (MZT204)

Year: 1996
Chassis Code: ST204
Type: GT
Body Style: Hatchback
Transmission: Manual
Color: Super Black
Location: 860, ct

Added about 8 years ago by bnr32celica.


Refreshed 1MZ from a 1995 Camry
ES300 ECU (91 octane map)
MrWizard 5S-1MZ harness
Rebuilt S54 with 45k
Lightened 3VZ flywheel
ST185 clutch (resplined)
Smaay's 6GC-1MZ conversion mount
Urethane-filled transmission mounts
Lengthened 94 MR2 NA passenger axle
More to come!


Tein S-Tech springs
KYB struts
KYB mounts
GT4 rear tower brace
Spherical/Poly bushings


6000k HIDs (L)
3000k halogens (H)
Foglight delete
2-post spoiler
1MZ-6GC Vanity Tags


Sony BT2900 head unit
Alpine Type-S speakers (F+R)
Factory System6 amp
Forester LL Bean shift knob (weighted)
T230 TRD v1 Quickshifter
Vent-Mounted Oil Pressure gauge
Din-Mounted Oil Temp/AFR gauges

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I rescued her from the junkyard. I believe I owe her more than she does me.

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doory100 says:

So did you ever Finnish the v6 conversion? Your tread was so messed up... It was like a fucking memoir of you cars rise and fall. Lol. BTW you pay for work after its done not before... Stupid!!

Posted over 4 years ago