6G Celicas

1996 ST Hatchback

Year: 1996
Chassis Code: AT200
Type: ST
Body Style: Hatchback
Transmission: Auto
Color: 3L2
Location: Denver

Added over 15 years ago by richee3. As of about 13 years ago, richee3 has indicated that they no longer own this Celica.


Super high revving 7A-FE! Flushing VTEC down the toilet since 1996!




The only modification was the addition of a deer to the front right corner. That modified the look of the car quite a bit.


Pioneer Premier head unit with iPod integration, factory speakers.

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My first 6gc, tragically totaled 5 months to the day after I bought it. It was just the start of my 5 Celicas.

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SwissFerdi says:

I might as well leave my imprint before you desert us.

Posted about 14 years ago


crwarrior says:

your carr looks good dude keep it up =)

Posted about 15 years ago