6G Celicas

1997 GT Convertible

Year: 1997
Chassis Code: ST204
Type: GT
Body Style: Convertible
Transmission: Auto
Color: White
Location: Ohio

Added about 3 years ago by Ghost051. As of about 1 year ago, Ghost051 has indicated that they no longer own this Celica.


replaced all the bushings with Gt-4 Racing poly bushings


got the red trunk painted

More info

Planning on doing a lot of work to both cars this summer will post more pics and details soon. I will also be selling the convertible when im finished doing some more work on it. P.s. if ur wondering why my trunk is red it came off my first car i got when i was 16yrs old i had a 95 gt manual convertible and sadly i rear ended someone damaging the frame but i salvaged everything i could so i have a lot of extra parts an extra top and the engine and trans which im starting to rebuild this summer to put in my 99 hatch eventually. UPDATE has been sold to one of my good friends so she will still be around

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