6G Celicas

1997 GT Hatchback

Year: 1997
Chassis Code: ST204
Type: GT
Body Style: Hatchback
Transmission: Manual
Color: White
Location: Lancaster CA

Added almost 21 years ago by Smaay.


3MZ-FE V6 swap. E153 Transmission. Spree lighting.




GT4 hood and bumper


Pioneer touchscreen radio

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doory100 says:

Is that a Supra I see in the garage?

Posted over 8 years ago


97cecilia says:

Alright smaay. I'm convinced that's just a beautiful car you have there, really nice setup. that motor looks like it should be there. I hope you don't get mad lol but I want my motor to look just like that lol man I'm such a copy cat lol

Posted almost 10 years ago


Neon90424 says:

why you no have pikshurs

Posted about 11 years ago


Celica94ST says:

Hey, when I rebuild my 1.8, where should I look to find out how I should rebuild it to support the trubo setup?

I am looking for modest HP gains, reaching to about 200 HP overall.
Thanks !!

Posted about 13 years ago