6G Celicas

1997 SX

Year: 1997
Chassis Code: ST204
Type: SX
Body Style: Coupe
Transmission: Manual
Color: BLACK

Added almost 14 years ago by xxFROZENxx.

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mashala says:


Posted almost 12 years ago


deseptv says:

Hey did the turbine fan thing make any difference?

Posted about 13 years ago


swerve says:

Hey xxFROZENxx, don't go with a Unichip ECU. They are very featured with things like launch control, boost control, but no one tunes them. They are expensive and when you want ot find someone to work on them no one can. For example, Brisbane only has 2 tuners. 1 of them are a pack of knobs. I would suggest a microtech piggy back. can get them for around 1400 installed and tuned

Posted about 13 years ago


6strngs says:

Yeah, the 3sgte oil lines and coolant lines and the custom -3AN stainless line are for the turbo.

Posted about 13 years ago


NaKeD says:

We definitely need to go cruising, i live on south eastern suburb of Melb
my MSN Darithly@hotmail.com catcha later dude

Posted over 13 years ago

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