6G Celicas

1999 GT Hatchback

Year: 1999
Chassis Code: Not specified
Type: GT
Body Style: Hatchback
Transmission: Auto
Color: Black on Black
Location: Portland OR / Vancouver WA

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So far all I have done under the hood is the short ram air intake...more to come when & if I can save up some more $$$ =) I ordered a Zero Gravity Z1 Performance Module, I will let you guys know how it goes!


used the VAOS XR II coilover suspention kit. Lowered car about 4 inches


*Carbon Fiber Hood
*Clear front turn signals & clear side reflectors.
*17" MB Motoring (style #847) chrome wheels w/ Kumho low profile performance tires
*Blacked out tail lights


*Carbon fiber dash & bezel
*Windows tinted 20%
*Blue neon floor lights under the driver & passenger side dash
*Blue neon light mounted above the cd player (lights up to da music if desired)...YEA I cant afford to be cool in an expensive way sorry haha

More info

I finally got some bass put in the back. I am not an expert at all w/ brands etc. so dont hate me if you dont like it. Its an Audiobahn w/ 2 10's & an Audiobahn Amp model A2401Q - 2-Channel Class A/B Mosfet Power Amplifier, 2 x 100w RMS @ 4 ohm stereo

Got pulled over the other night for the blue lights in my side reflectors... so I replaced them w/ the super white bulbs...not as fun but OH well =) at least I didnt get a ticket!

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funkmon says:

I wanted the info of the person you sold the Mazda mx6 to, is there a better way for us to talk, give me a call at 971 222 6479 .

Posted over 10 years ago


pinpointsnipe says:

hey, whered u get that rear tail light tint?

Posted over 10 years ago


GriffGirl says:

Hey Portland-ish Girl! Come to the next meet, would ya, so I'm not the only Portland chick... awwwwkward!!!!!

Posted over 10 years ago


black_beauty says:

nice pics :-)

Posted over 10 years ago


stud97023 says:

HEY! I cant believe we live so close and i still havnt seen your car around town. Although a while back there was a celi following me outta clackamas.. mitta bin u. ANyways keep it real, and i still luv ur celi

Posted over 10 years ago

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