6G Celicas

1999 SS-III Hatchback

Year: 1999
Chassis Code: Not specified
Type: SS-III
Body Style: Hatchback
Transmission: Manual
Color: Silver
Location: Europe, Lithuania

Added over 21 years ago by doGGy.


Stock for now


Stock for now


Stock for now


Stock for now

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Old celica is sold, gonna miss it for ever... But for now, gonna enjoy my new toy ;)

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dnyluong says:

hey what's the kit you had on that celica dude?

Posted over 16 years ago


HaRv3sTeR says:

Here some love from a satisfied DCW customer...DoGGy Rules!

Posted over 16 years ago


NapTown94 says:

hey everyone keeps talking about dcw products. what kind of stuff do u make for the celi's?

Posted over 17 years ago

a deleted member says:

Man i Need the rear extensions fast and i dont care what they cost. Let me know how i can get some from u. I cant pw you i dont know why but if u can i will buy some rears. I own a shop in Knoxville, TN and im converting my celica to the ssIII rear. I need them fast. where else can i get some if u cant sell to me? Thanks.

Posted over 17 years ago


snapshotgt says:

Your work rocks my world! Btw, the celica in you "high-res" pics makes my jaw drop! So clean, so hot! Nice work Romas!

Posted about 18 years ago

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