6G Celicas

CELESTIAL PRYMACK is now wrecked:-/

Year: 1994
Chassis Code: AT200
Type: ST
Body Style: Hatchback
Transmission: Manual
Color: "Prymack"
Location: Colorado springs

Added over 1 year ago by mastaspl1nta.


Headers 4.2.1, true cold air intake, high flow cat, no resanator "half cut exhaust", 3" muffler, 9mm performance ignition wires, denso starter.


Stock suspension is cherry and still stiff so ill keep it for now, 20mm spacers makes the wheels sit flush with fenders


Stock all the way around no dents dings, the clear coat was fading so I prymack'd it;-) new glass windshield and sunroof.


Leather seat in perfect condition; I did swap the driver seat to the pen blue clothe being in Colorado it doesn'. get freezing during winter and won't stick or burn in the summer time, aftermarket Kenwood stereo and speakers, power sunroof, manual locks and doors b/c they are lighter than power set up

More info

Building for rally; I have a 4age redtop smallport head w7 accessories for 7age build, turbo header!

Got my supercharger:-)!!!!

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